In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to David Van Leeuwen of New York City. David is passionate about economic and social empowerment and ensuring that everyone has access and tools for growing their economic and social situations. David donated a large sum of money to the National Urban League and describes his experience in doing so.

Moral of the story: There is real passion at the individual donor level. Always take time to remember the smaller donors and work to engage them for lifelong giving.

We have seen an industry gap, as non-profits have to tighten up resources and lack time to intimately get to know their donors. We want to become an advocate for donors, to humanize them, and to ultimately showcase what donors want from their relationship with non-profit organizations.

Why is this important for NPOs?

Results of this study undertaken by Charity Dynamics unequivocally clarified the importance of being a donor’s #1 nonprofit of choice:

Nonprofits that establish themselves as a donor’s favorite charity are more likely to receive greater support from the donor—not just in terms of financial contributions, but also through sharing information, volunteering, event participation, and issue advocacy.

We want to tell the story of donors worldwide so that non-profits, like the ones we work with, can come to understand donors better.