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On our partnership with a large animal organization in the U.S.:

The relationship we have with FineLine is a partnership relationship. They work really closely with our donor care team, helping us develop some extremely effective and innovative programs. They’re always looking at how we can make the partnership work better. For example, they developed a bespoke, donor experience program – to encourage our marketing teams to look at their channels through the eyes of a donor. It’s this kind of focus on innovation and building a mutually beneficial relationship that has delivered where it really matters – an expanded portfolio of services, happy donors, and increased revenues. In the simplest terms, FineLine has created a fundamental shift in the way our organization will be doing business in the future. With the focus on social media and the next generation, FineLine is way ahead of the game and always brings new ideas to the table. We consider FineLine a very important partner and whenever we hit a stumbling block in how to manage our programs we frequently hear “Can FineLine help us with this?”

Senior Director, Donor Services

On our partnership with Heifer International:

“FineLine has been a trusted partner of Heifer International for many years. We count on them to provide a top notch service experience to our donors.”

Jason Todd
Heifer International

A client whom must remain anonymous talks about experienceONE:

“We knew with the prevalence of SmartPhones that there was some way we could be capturing more mobile donations. experienceONE has allowed us to capitalize on revenue that would otherwise be lost in times of high call volumes. The best part is that it just plugs into our system, so there’s no special IT work. And, it’s half the cost of LiveAgent per transaction. The custom tailoring is a bonus. We’re thankful to have gone with experienceONE.”

Disaster Response Organization client