In this series, we’re looking at for-profit companies that are doing an exceptional job of customer service, in the hopes that this will help our non-profit friends to think about the way they treat their customers – the donors. Donors ultimately drive the mission for every non-profit we know, so helping organizations to become truly donor-centric is high on our list.

We have looked at some of the great companies, such as Coca ColaApple, the Ritz CarltonBest Buy and Virgin Airlines. Now, let’s look at American Express.

For the seventh year in a row, J.D. Power has rated American Express the highest in customer satisfaction among USA credit card companies. The study places American Express at the top in overall satisfaction amongst the eleven largest card issuers in the States. American Express has been the only credit card company to receive this top ranking since its 2007 inception.

So what is the criteria to be announced the best credit card company in America? The J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Study examines six overarching categories to determine overall consumer satisfaction. These include: Customer Interaction, Billing and Payment Process, Credit Card Terms, Rewards Programs, Benefits and Services, and Problem Resolution.

“We are truly honored that our Card Members have recognized us for seven straight years,” exclaimed American Express chairman and CEO Kenneth I. Chenault. “This prestigious recognition demonstrates the importance of putting customer satisfaction and service at the heart of everything we do and delivering outstanding value through extraordinary products, service and experiences. The feedback provided by consumers through this study will help us continue to raise the bar as we work to exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Over the past year, American Express has worked diligently to enhance the overall customer experience. The company has done so by introducing a myriad of new digital enrichments, updating product offers, and connecting card members with American Express.

A few recent American Express enhancements include:

Mobile Gift Cards: The company now provides gift cards, enabling card members to use Membership Rewards® points for the smartphone enabled gift cards. Customers can pay with their smartphones at certain retail stores.

Pass from American Express® for Passbook: This new feature is a convenient and secure way for card members to receive automatic notifications about their purchases, instant account balances, and customer service information at the touch of a button.

Facebook Account Alerts: American Express now allows card members to manage their account through a Facebook servicing app that sends them account alerts through private notifications.

Community @Amex: The company has recently added a customer engagement forum whereby card members and consumers can engage with one another and also learn about the products, benefits and services offered by American Express.

Refreshed Benefits & Services: American Express has revamped some of their classic products and services to better provide for its customers. This includes new benefits on the JetBlue Card from American Express, as well as the Hilton HHonors™ and Hilton HHonors™ Surpass® Cards.

And while American Express worked diligently to create and refine these enhancements, providing exceptional customer service has remained the critical piece of the American Express brand. This is exemplified (and guided) by its Relationship Care®; the servicing approach that defines how the front line employees interact with our customers and deepen their relationships.

Taking a closer look at some of Amex’s company features might just help spark an idea for your own non-profit organization.