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“The team at FineLine is a seamless extension of our member support department here at the ASPCA. Their commitment to our mission is evident in their professional and courteous interactions with our donors. FineLine is a highly valued partner in our efforts to strengthen relationships with our large group of members!”

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Director of Donor Stewardship
Animal services organization 

How to Hear Your Donors’ Voice

Getting to know our donors through the type of conversations they are having is how we can begin to build a deep and relevant relationship. Learn how to move from transactional service to relationship service while providing the organization a glimpse into our donors’ conversations.

This guide outlines best practices for engaging with your donor base to solidify long-term relationships and increase fundraising dollars.

You will learn:

  • How to capture the exact words your donors are sharing for deeper insights
  • Ways to integrate the VOICE of your donor across all channels, including social
  • Best practices for donor engagement to capture who your supporters are
  • The importance of “hot topics” in the lives of your donors
  • How to give your donors “Woohoo” moments

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