As more and more non-profit organizations adopt various mobile marketing and mobile fundraising operations, we love seeing the way they are making it easy for donors to donate. Here are a few successful fundraising apps to inspire you and your organization!

1. I Can Go Without

“We have the power to make real change.”

This app, created in Montreal, encourages you to pledge to make a lifestyle change. This can be anything from giving up a cup a coffee each week to curtailing your monthly manicures. Once you’ve pledged to reduce your daily consumption, the pledges are later converted into donations through the app’s secure donation center.

This app, though very simple in its structure, has become one of the most effective fundraisers for its charity partners (Thirst Relief International, ONEXONE and Sightsavers).

2. GoogleOneToday

“Give a little. Change a lot.”

This app creates a culture of giving every day; it enables users to donate one dollar a day to their favorite causes and non-profits.

The app has a database for non-profits/development initiatives that are categorized into five efficient groups; Economy & Employment, Food, Animals, Education, and Health. It gives a brief description of each initiative and exactly what that one dollar donation can achieve. It truly puts into perspective how so little can do so much.

3. Check-in For Good

“Be social. Be mobile. Be a force for a good!”

An app that enables users to check-in to participating retail locations to generate micro-donations to nonprofits.

How does it work?

First, you download the Check-in for Good app to identify the donation hotspots nearest you. Second, you visit one of these locations, whether it is a coffee shop, restaurant or sporting event! Third, open the app to select your location and browse to see all of the charitable causes that location supports. Lastly, check-in on your smartphone. Every time a person checks-in via the app, the participating business makes a donation to the cause they are supporting.

Your presence is truly a present!

4. Charity Miles

“Earn money for charity when you walk, run, or bike.”

This is an app that enables its users to earn money for charitable causes when they walk, run, or bike.

Bikers earn up to 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners earn up to 25¢ per mile, all courtesy of corporate sponsors in accordance with our terms of service.

If you want to become a sponsored athlete, you just turn on the app, choose a charity, and press start. While you exercise, the app will track of your distance and the money earned. When you are complete, just accept your sponsorship, spread the word, and you will receive a note to confirm your good work!

Remember the four principles for building lifelong relationships with your donors:

  1. Make it easy for them.
  2. Add value to their lives.
  3. Personalize / customer their journey.
  4. Give them choice on where and how they can make their donations.