Last week we spoke of social media in a corporation and/or a non-profit. What is it? How does it relate to your organization? What is its value? What function does it serve?

This week, as we move beyond the fundamentals, we can unpack a little bit of the magic of social media. What makes it so special? Why is it so vital? How will it help your organization? On what areas of engagement does it focus?

The Magic of Social Media

Social media allows people to connect with one another in a multitude of ways – from social networks, to blogs, to public forums. People from around the world can, at any time and in an instant, communicate with one another and connect on any subject matter. This connection is a powerful thing.

Social media also enables organizations like yours to connect with existing and prospective customers and donors on more personal levels, allowing for stronger relationships. It provides an opportunity for you to add personality to your brand. These connections help your organization to connect and build valuable relationships through personal voices.

Lastly, social media is a dynamic and ever evolving marketing tool with endless possibility for communication, imagination and expansion.

How To Engage Donors

The most important aspect of social media marketing is audience engagement.

Connection, interaction and integrated conversations with consumers that drive the achievement of identified business goals are the meat and potatoes of any marketing strategy. Social media marketing (SMM) seeks to actively involve consumers in the production and collaboration of the company, rather than simply distributing the company‚Äôs products to passive consumers. The primary objective of SMM for businesses is customer engagement, so it’s no surprise that non-profits can use SMM for donor engagement.

In addition to sharing relevant content and establishing social interaction, your social media marketing strategy should hone in on providing necessary points of contact, content, and social interactions for your audience. You need to be responsive to the wants/needs of your followers and pro-active in providing them the best experience possible. Donor engagement revolves around the donor and his/her experience. The donor, when constantly connected to your company through social media, is the nucleus of your integrated marketing.

Focal Points of Social Media Marketing

From engagement to awareness, using social media will most certainly build your donor base by accomplishing these six major goals:

  1. You can engage donors by promoting their active participation in your brand.
  2. You can nurture relationships with your donors to improve experience and boost loyalty.
  3. You can create brand awareness through content marketing / storytelling on social media platforms.
  4. With SMM, you can promote services and products through numerous platforms and increase donations or sales.
  5. You can detect consumer needs by engaging cyber communities and providing online venues for feedback.
  6. You will boost real-time understanding of donor behaviour, which will help you make faster, better decisions about future marketing schemes.