Would you like to:

rocket ship Save on your LiveAgent budget and capture donations easier and quicker in times of high call volumes?

rocket ship Increase your engagement rate by aligning donor services to the growing mobile demographic?

rocket ship Offer innovative capabilities such as geo location and shared camera photos?

rocket ship Increase your donor experience metrics and KPI’s?

rocket ship Create one experience across web, mobile and phone?

Imagine designing a donor experience, that easily processes donations during times of high call volumes, with no LiveAgent waiting time, and a consistent brand experience.

This is experienceONE.

Our experienceONE program is an on demand donation service accessed anytime, with any device. This unique platform integrates physical and digital experiences and provides donors with choices to engage with you anytime, anywhere and with any device. With exponential adoption of smart phones, our self service program identifies donors that are using their smart phone and provides an option to interact via their Smartphone. This efficient and effective method of engagement provides an easy way to support your organization and all at the donor’s fingertips!

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