There are all kinds of donors. What kind are you?

The annual donor?

The voracious volunteer? 

No matter what way you give, your work matters.

1. The Annual Donor

You are an organized, love to plan, type A person.

You’ve thought about the issues that matter most to you and done the research on the non-profit organization that best addresses those issues. You are an annual donor, giving the same amount of money each year. It is predictable, stable, and safe.

It’s your commitment to doing good in the world.

2. The Random Acts of Kindness Creature

You love nothing more than giving in a fun and spontaneous way. You want it to be in person, so you can see the joy on the other person’s face.

On more than one occasion you have paid for the person behind you at Starbucks or secretly bought an endearing couple their dinner.

Every year or so you go up to the parking garage attendant and give him a big fat tip because you know their job is difficult and they are underpaid. The happiness it brings you to see someone receive this generosity brightens your whole week.

3. The Sharing is Caring Somebody

You live by the motto “Do unto others as they would do unto you”.

When you see someone on the street asking for money, you always give them some change, or maybe even a snack out of your knapsack.

You always lend out your possessions to friends, family, and neighbours because it seems ridiculous not to share with a friend in need.

When the cashier at he supermarket asks you if you’d like to donate a few dollars to their highlighted cause of the month, you always say yes. It’s just a couple bucks, right?

When you go to dinner with your family you offer everyone a bite of your dessert first, even if there will be none of it left for you at the end. You want everyone else to enjoy the deliciousness, and that brings your more joy than having your cake and eating it too.

4. The Purge Person

You are a practical person, and recognize that you don’t need half the stuff you have in your home. So two or three times a year you do a purge. You collect all your gently used clothing, books, movies and housewares that you no longer use. But rather than have a yard sale, you donate it all to the Charity collection truck or the goodwill store.

You think this is such a good idea, in fact, that you often tell your friends you are doing a purge and suggest they do the same. And when you’re in a particularly giving mood, you even offer to pick up their stuff and deliver it for them!

5. The Voracious Volunteer

In your day-to-day life your friends always ask you first to help out with an event because they know you will always get on board for a good cause!

You probably coach a children’s sports team or help out as a mentor with a community organization on a weekly basis.

Each year you participate in a cycle/run/walk and raise money for a cause.

It’s simply in your nature to help others – you think the hands-on approach to giving is the best approach.

No matter what kind of giver you are, remember how important your role is. We thank you for doing all that you do!